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Captain Chris Wren

Transforming Lives Through Sail-Training for over 25 years!

As a captain with over 25yrs experience, my role is primarily to navigate a sailing ship from A to B, having prepared the vessel with fuel, food, water, maintenance and repairs. But, much more than that, I undertake to teach trainees everything to do with being a full crew member on an ocean going voyage or coastal sail.

In more recent years my role has become more of a consultant, advising ship owners and managers how to set up new sail-training missions, help them decide on their target clients or how to find funding or  to expand existing missions and solve problems including avoiding dangers or risking possible disasters.

I now own T/S Britta and am preparing her for a new era as a modernised sail training ship.

Available to Christian charities on an expenses-only basis. You can support my work through a donation to my Stewardship account.

Recent Experience

More information about these ships can be found on this page.

2020: Owner of ‘TS Britta (Facebook)

2018: Sailed on ‘Royal Helena

2017: Sailed on ‘Lady of Avenel

2016: Sailed on ‘Ruach‘ in addition to the other 2 vessels.

2014: Sailed on ‘Next Wave‘ as well as ‘Soteria‘.

2011: Working on the schooner ‘Soteria‘ (since linked with YWAM but no longer operating.)

Previously served on Genevieve Challenge now called EncounterSailaway project. Read some Guest Feedback.

Living Journey Sailing Expedition

Also involved with Fishing boats to Sudan and the Four Sisters projects.

A more complete list of ships I have been involved with can be seen here.


Being a captain requires a lot of training and you can view a list of my certificates. A summary of my CV is also available as well as a longer list of my experience.


Further details: email me or Fax +44(0)7092 173673


Newsletter 31.12.16

Although my vocation is to help individuals by providing a sailing adventure, create fellowship, relieve painful memories, challenge and ‘grow’ to another level; others have come to help me exactly when needed. A year ago Read more…

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